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Career Bridges’ mission is to help young opera singers launch their careers. Many extraordinarily gifted young operatic singers complete their formal training but are not yet fully prepared for a career; lack of good training in many areas, lack of funds for further study, and limited performance opportunities have stymied many of these extremely qualified singers in the pursuit of their careers.

Based on the recommendations of a 20-25 member panel of experts, Career Bridges provides grants for coaching in voice, diction, language, repertory, and stage presence. Further, grants include career guidance, performance opportunities, and assistance in career promotion. We continue to provide mentoring, evaluation, and additional grants for a period of three years.

We have successfully launched our Career Bridges outreach program to the schools titled “Kids Love Opera!”. In the past, we have performed for over 15 schools in Westchester County, NY, reaching more than 2,000 “kids”. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Career Bridges is fulfilling three main functions: giving performance opportunities, providing income to our grant winners, and introducing the world of opera to children who have, for the most part, never heard classical music before.

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Our Mission

To help young opera singers launch their careers.

Uniquely Career Bridges

For 20 years, we have mentored over 110 grant winners in our unique 3-year Mentoring Program.

Our Bridge

We provide 3 years of grants to each individual singer based on the recommendations

Our Program

Each grant winner is eligible for grants for a total of 3 years,


$ 1 +

In six short years, the Foundation has given out to what is valued at over $215,000 in monetaryprizes, scholarships, and special awards to top international emerging artists.

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The past five years have brought us a combined total of 2500+ applicants from 75+ different countries around the world.

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The Foundation has a combined total of over 85K+ international, passionate, and active social media followers and mailing list subscribers from all over the world. .

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